Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Xiamen Zhonglun benefits and Stone Culture Park

Park Xiamen Zhonglun benefits and Stone Culture Park, tourists visited, the long-term behavior indecent, resulting in the sensitive parts of a goddess sculpture chest bare. You can clearly see the statue of the goddess sculpture of this is gray, except the chest was "groping" ground smooth black, in stark contrast with the surrounding buddha statue quite indecent.
Look at the country, the similar the Zhonglun park goddess statue so embarrassing uncommon. The scenic spot whenever there is a sexy, naked female sculpture, total visitors to certain parts "manipulate" over many years, these "sensitive parts" tangible Zeng light watt light. Some are said to bring good luck, while others are purely "bad taste".

In recent years, both urban and scenic, some sexy, exposed more and more architectural sculpture. The intention of the creator of the fashion show with the United States, let's artistic vision to appreciate it. Unfortunately, some tourists does it happen that an artistic eye, just think of it as a meet Equ props.

Originally slim, beautiful scenic granite sculpture, some tourists "constant harassment", "sensitive sites" actually be worn Zeng light watt light, visible repeat itself as much as this "hobby". The conduct of such a person can imagine, so many people in such conduct, is really sad.

That elegant, chic scenic granite sculpture, tourists tangible Zeng light watt light sensitive parts, no matter how look, people feel ashamed and sad. Perhaps, some visitors touched the sensitive parts of the sculpture will be issued a satisfied smile. As everyone knows, is dark, not just the scenic sculpture, is in its own image. Sculpture to be black "sensitive sites", not It is obscene tourists that strong indictment it?


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