Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why not give the London Olympics champion Sun Yangye and erecting statues

For Sun Yang, a statue of Hashi Aya, more is to study their fighting spirit, to commend them for the city, for the community to make outstanding contribution.
Heard of Hangzhou to give the Olympic champion Sun Yang, leaf poetry the statue, a raise a Babel of criticism of online discussion. In an online poll, over 80% of Internet users do not agree to this.
According to some friends mean, only highlights the noble quality of people and lost great talents with building sculpture. In fact, this may be the modern city sculpture misreading. Modern sculpture is a kind of art form, also is the city cultural landscape.
Hangzhou is a strong cultural atmosphere of the city, the city has a wide variety of statues. From the famous Su Dongpo, she was like, " drink tea " Qundiao, was stolen by blowing bubbles " copper girl " and the like, liulangwenying " morning " statue, no one seems to feel what is wrong with these statues.
For Sun Yang, a statue of Hashi Aya, it is just a convention. Prior to this, Hangzhou for Luo Xuejuan, Wu Xiaoxuan, Lou Yun, Zheng Xiongying, four Olympic Games champions had built a statue. My work unit and Hangzhou stadium across the road, there is a statue of the Olympic champion, also has a group of Song Dynasty Cuju sculptures. Four champion the statue on the roadside grass, not what a magnificent building, play there after not careful you may also see. Besides inscriptions carved statue is not the name, but the movement project name, only during item presentation mentioned player.
In fact, for Sun Yang, a statue of Hashi Aya, nor are they when not. Two athletes not only achieves the honor for the country, also in fighting courageously reflects the valuable spirit of physical education. To two Olympic Games champions statue, as is the motivating people to learn this courageously fighting spirit, to attract more people to participate in sports.
Sun Yang leaves after the win, poetry, Hangzhou also set off a wave of swimming training in hot. This is actually a celebrity, winner effect positive change. They made the statue, to let children learn from them, why not?
Many people only see the champions brilliant side, but had not thought that winning the hardships behind. There are many people blindly worship idol, successful people, thus losing their rational judgment and independent spirit. For that matter, I don't agree with that kind of simple vulgar success worship. People need to have an example, but the example is in order to understand the self, the pursuit of self, beyond self, but cannot thoroughly creeping in idol's feet. And the naked power worship, the worship of success is not the same, as Sun Yang, a statue of Hashi Aya, more is to study their fighting spirit, to commend them for the city, for the community to make outstanding contribution. In this sense, what arguments against the statue?
The statue is completed, people passing by, reminiscent of the athletes win style, share in a happy, excited inner excellence courage, is a very good thing.
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