Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The production of such a huge city sculpture

The famous Danish artist Bjorn Norgaard has created a The Eye of a Needle city sculpture, the sculpture is made of stainless steel, granite, and cast bronze, together formed the.

Initially, Bjorn Norgaard just design 1 design model, but to finish this huge art project, he can't finish. Then he found the Kangsi Art company helped him to complete this beautiful city sculpture.

The production of such a huge city sculpture is not an easy thing. Get design model, first of all is to do enlarge to clay model enlarge to clay model began, according to angels-hammered steel, the following picture is the sculpture of the production process. model

2.enlarge to clay model

3.fiberglass model

4.angels-hammered steel

5.angels-hammered steel

6.sheel-hammered steel

7.sheel-hammered steel



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