Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to display the city sculpture?

A good city sculpture and its success lies not only in its carving have much good, but also consider it placed in locations is appropriate. Display location is reasonable, and the environment play a complementary role, if only consider their own sculpture design and do not pay attention to sculpture surrounding environmental factors, will reduce the aesthetic effect of the sculpture, sculpture and environment disconnection, losing the original meaning. Light broadly speaking you may not realize, following just red sculpture manufacturers of everyone as a real example.

The city of Xiamen in the annual International Marathon in the lawn beside the highway, ranging from the arranged ninety-nine life-size, all kinds of running posture of athletes and to contest audiences sculpture, a few kilometres. A true reproduction of the year here in the marathon in the real scene, Weimiaoweixiao, spectacular. Combined with the surrounding coordination green, blue sea, tall buildings and not far from beautiful Kinmen Island, making it known as the world's most beautiful marathon, the International Olympic Committee also deliberately put two pieces of permanent collection. It has now become the important tourism resources of Xiamen. It 's clever lies with the road as the track of the special status, not only embodies the marathon held in Xiamen seaside exclusivity, and make full use of the limited space of a green belt created with the surrounding environment to match the theme sculpture group. Embodiment of the macro and micro dual regional characteristics.

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