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The blacksmith and the sculptor's story

To have entered the information age in the contemporary society, the blacksmith shop is quietly faded out of people's sight. The reporter discovers surprizingly, present in Chengdu City Government Road and a blacksmith shop, the boss Zhou Peide's face full of vicissitudes. Old Zhou said: "last year he said to demolition, looks after the Spring Festival is the real thing. " He has been here for 10 years shop, usually on the management tools to maintain the life of one family, the store opened, I don't know where to look for life.
The blacksmith shop buildings, not only affects the old Monday house, also gave the sculptress Shen Yunqing brings troubles. " I told Zhou master cooperation for 6 years, his work has not only changed my art style, but also let me create a national the one and only the ' iron sculpture ' art. " Shen Yunqing is concerned about, now weeks old smithy to be torn down, in the future, who will make her work?
28 pieces of wrought iron sculpture
In 2005 August, in the sixth national sports art exhibition, the only one from Sichuan sculpture works particularly attract sb.'s attention, it is named " the impact of the new limit " wrought iron sculpture: a running athlete, single leg, the other leg extended backward, two hands in the air, with her hair flying. The designer works, is Chengdu sculptress Shen Yunqing. But the specific works maker, is a common blacksmith, he is Zhou Peide.
" At that time, Sichuan gave 6 pieces to the national exhibition, but this one is selected. " Shen Yunqing told reporters, "the reason, one is this piece in the shape of a new, relatively high, performance highlights. In addition, the blacksmith master using scrap iron forging hammer hammer to hit a piece of sculpture, which is itself a new writing techniques. "
From 1999 to 2005, by Shen Yunqing design and guide the week master to create wrought iron sculpture consists of 28 parts, are on display at the Shen Yunqing studio. Among them, there are manifestations of the female form " charm " series, in order to have fish for the performance of the theme works series and so on. In 2002, " charm " series in the China Beijing international city sculpture exhibition nomination award.
And sculptor himself
Now working in Sculpture Art Institute of Sichuan Shen Yunqing told reporters: " I had the pursuit of mellow, full, perfect the art style, got to know Zhou Tiejiang, I not only changed the style of art, but also changed the ways of expression. "
In 1999 May, Shen Yunqing pass by Golden Rd week master blacksmith shop, meet a friend there to play things, so curiously went in to see. " The friend is not learned sculpture, but also like this, I saw him with wire wound into a ' woman ', ' in ' words, called week master using scrap iron gave him out, not only to play the Chinese text of the elegant beauty, but also play the body flavor. I feel more and more interested, ask week master can give me some things without thinking, week master answer. Thus, we started our first cooperation. "
The very next day, Shen Yunqing clay pinched a fish came to Zhou Tiejiang's shop, called week master still call her out. Week master looked like mud, hold one's tongue to find a piece of scrap iron, red hot, with a hammer a few hit a few dozen, had fish embryo. Then, he played the fish, shark's fin, welding in the body of a fish, then reinforced cut into pieces, each piece of the intermediate extrusion concave, welded to the fish body, a string of blister formation, soon, a living fish swimming in the water will become.
" I was looked after very surprised, Zhou master craft should be so good! Just give him a mold, needless to say to complete a work of art, and I was no whit of difference of artistic conception. " Next, Shen Yunqing and Zhou master to establish a long-term cooperative relationship, 6 years with the tacit understanding, now she can not do the mold, but his ideas simply draw on paper, you can play the week master.
Look forward to long term in hand
But after the Spring Festival, the week master blacksmith will no longer exist. After getting this information, Shen Yunqing cherish with week master perhaps is the last opportunity for cooperation, only 2005 a year, to where he played 11 pieces. Shen Yunqing said: " wrought iron sculpture is completely with traditional blacksmith hammer hammer to create a sculpture, we such collaboration, in the country is no two cases, so I hope that he can return to one's former career elsewhere. "
On the week master, with Shen Yunqing even more sculptors cooperation, also appear very important. The 51 years old blacksmith, life on the iron maintain family life, early in the Jinniu District tool company, in the early 90 century, the couple both laid-off, despite their old week opened a blacksmith shop, and get some tools and drill rod or something. They get up at seven o'clock every morning, riding several kilometers to the shops, busy to at five or six in the afternoon to close, but it can only maintain a three basic life. Because there is no economic capacity, son graduated from junior high school drop-out, Zhou master was very sorry.
While working with Shen Yunqing, the old week pay is not too low, it can not only improve their family economic status, more important is, " so, I technology in long term with art hanging hook, can let more people see my skills, my heart is also very satisfied. " Weeks old.

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