Monday, August 13, 2012

Glass sculpture of steel production process

1.the sculpture mud preparation, welding steel sculpture sculpture modeling framework, the framework is wrapped with cross batten support mud density device, according to the actual situation in order to ensure the big mud after local off mud as principle, such as is required for laying floor board embossed on the board every 15 cm nail in the nail, vertical winding fine wire equally convenient hanging pug.
2.large covered in mud sculpture. Mud finished side by side mallet hammer fill mud between air raid. All the mud to form continuous adjustment. No need to rework the skeleton modeling for rest until satisfaction.
3.shaping, a professional sculptor to finish shaping process, famous sculpture division at any time in the water at any time after the completion of sculpture shape, large notify Party A in modeling for review and comment or amendment. Continue to adjust and perfect study details shape, complete shape overall push light clay.
4. turning stage, in clay with slice block mold split design, and then spraying the soap water as isolation protection. Professional manufacturing technician ratio gypsum slurry in sculpture to be covered, gypsum drying started after the release, after stripping to remove block mold on the residual mud on plaster mold, after detailed mold repair, repair grinding.
5. manufacturing of glass steel, resin catalyst prepared curing agent and the filler and the chromogenic agent, the first layer of resin sizing, two layers of glass cloth together with resin sizing, generally require three to five layers of sizing process. Formation thickness according to the selection of super large sculpture, sculpture and more than 4 layer.
6. mosaic glass steel split modular, split after a gap filling and reinforcement, internal to establish permanent reinforced support system framework. The last polish,.
7. the sculpture surface treatment on color, background, painted, outer protective coating of concrete simple, for bronze casting bronze sculpture just undertone and outer glossy paint layer.


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