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British famous sculptor - Mrs Doussa

British famous sculptor Mrs Doussa - an overview

Madame Tussaud's created by Mrs. Doussa, life is like 200 years by making wax celebrity like legendary. From the housekeeper 's daughter to the Royal teachers, from the sculpture maker to diligently career women, from escaped the guillotine doom to former royal friends making death masks, Mrs Du Sha's legendary life just like a Hollywood huge system.
British famous sculptor Lady Doussa was born in 1761, Marie Grau Schutz ( Marie Grosholtz ). His father died in two months after the battles of the French in Prussia, young Marie will follow in her mother's employer filet. Gothic Shi doctor training. The pair of wax produced extremely talented doctor, has become Marie's teacher and guardian, in 1770 he founded in Paris the first wax museum, and to then to celebrity Marie. At the age of 17, Marie is a famous dramatist and philosopher Voltaire ( Francois Voltaire ) produced the statue, and later as the United States ambassador to Paris Ban Zhewen Franklin ( Benjamin Franklin ) statues. Today, the two likeness still in London at the Madame Tussaud's.
British famous sculptor Mrs Doussa - Introduction
In the production of Marie wax hand soon fail to show restraint, widely appreciated. Her Godes in the wax museum in Paris made the sculpture get all-time success, all the rave reviews, and access to King Louis Jula and Queen Mary invited into the house. In 9 years in Palace of Versailles, Du Sha Louis is responsible for sixteen Wong Mei art education, but she also enjoys bright life at the French court is brewing revolution, political turmoil. Godes fears the situation, then gathers Marie returns to Paris. After his release, Marie's courage was tested, she was forced to die for the Royal employer by Emperor Louis in sixteen, other court friends make a death mask. Part of the mask has been preserved, and in the London Museum exhibits. Mrs. Doussa's vision for today, she created the wax museum after 200 years changes, still standing, to allow the public to continue with the right celebrity contact. Mrs. Doussa in 1850 to depart from the world for ever, the refuse to be cowed or submit the spirit of it forever


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