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Introduce some famous sculptures

1.famous sculpture - Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty Bartholdy.

This statue is the selection, according to Greek mythology goddess beautiful image construction. Goddess wearing amount hoop, right hand hold high the torch, left with a " Declaration of independence " sober and gentle face. The statue is 46.5 meters high, with its base is 93 meters high. The statue is 2.4 cm thick copper plate part by part A. The bottom of the base is a museum, visitors can enter to the goddess statue inside until the head top, there can accommodate more than 30 people, through the glass window overlooking the panorama of New York.
2.famous public sculpture - the statue of Athena
The statue of Athena ( Faye Diaz )

Athena is the patron of the city of Athens, is representative of the goddess of wisdom. As a Badi agriculture temple hall as the main body, up to 13 meters high, with a white marble sculpture, local inlaid with ivory and gold, but has in the Byzantine Empire was destroyed. Presented here is the small G products marble. The statue of goddess, she wore a helmet, dressed in Greek Jumpsuit skirt, armor and armor decorated with snake edging and head; her bare arms, through a thin dress can be hidden Feng Yan bodybuilding and strength body; dress folds and accessories lines caused by horizontal density changes of beauty; her gesture may be the spear and the support, the entire image of wealthy women, gentle and full of life, more human nature is divine, rarely, suggesting that the Hellenistic art has been secularization.
3.famous sculpture - Venus

" His AFU, commonly known as " the Loti " Venus ", " Brokeback ", " as " Venus Venus, marble statues, 204 cm high, Blessandro J created in about 150 BC, are now stored in the Le Louvre Museum Paris france. The statue was discovered in the first day, was recognized as a Greek female statue is by far the most beautiful statue. The statue is three Le Louvre Museum town hall.
4.famous sculpture - the thinker
The thinker ( author: Luo Dan )

Originally " the gates of hell " part of the altarpiece, which cast in bronze. " The gates of hell " is based on Dante's " Divine Comedy ", the thinker is Luo Dan Dante's image to symbol. A powerful giant stoop sitting, right chin, mouth to bite his hand, he silently gazed beneath flood engulfed people be in deep distress. She loves the human, difficult for those who make the final judgment, he had deep sympathy, in great pain and eternal contemplation.
5.famous sculpture - the hand of God

Luo Dan ( Auguste Rodin, 180-1917 ) is one of France's most famous French sculptor. At the age of fourteen, with Le ( Lecogde Boisbaudran) with the Barry painting, sculpture, and as Jialiai - Bayles ( Carrier-Belleuse ) assistant, to the Belgian Brussels decorative sculpture for five years. 1875 tour of Italy, by the Michelangelo works inspired, thus establishing the realism creation method. His " Bronze Age ", " the thinker ", " Hugo ", " the burghers of Calais " and " Balzac " and other works are the new creation, had been subjected to French officer school attack. Contains 186 pieces of sculpture " the gates of hell " design, namely when the official has been prevented by plan implementation, only " thinker ", " kiss ", " Xia Wa " and other works
6.famous sculpture - door koala couple statue

Flashing green slate carving, about 142 cm high, ca. the creation in 2600 BC, are now stored in the Museum of the United States of America boston. This is the kingdom of ancient Egypt during the fourth dynasty of a double image, is also the time when the emperor as the most typical. The statue depicts kingdom of ancient Egypt 's fourth dynasty Pharaoh door fifth koalas and his princess.
7.famous sculpture - the Old Whore

" The Old Whore ", is a masterpiece of Luo Dan. Luo Dan's view is: " in nature is generally called ' ugly ', in art can become very beautiful, in art has the character of works, can be a beautiful. " Ugly withered wood image, such as the old whore is a constant the Camry for. It reminds people of a prostitute, forced to live their life pain. Luo Dan will be the tragic image of the Old Whore of soul and body, most incisive presents in front of the audience, so that the people could not bear to see, not only the meaning of discrimination, but have deep sympathy, and for its social suffering caused by sigh ... ...
8.famous sculpture - David
David ( Michelangelo )

Marble statue, the statue is 2.5 meters high, even the base is 5.5 meters tall, the creation of Michelangelo in the year 1501 to 1504, this collection of Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. The statue is believed to be the western history of art the glory of human male statue. Not only that, " David " Renaissance humanism thought is specific reflect, it human praise, ostensibly to ancient Greek art " Renaissance", essentially said people from the dark ages shackles freed, fully aware of the people in the world in great force. Michelangelo carved in into the enormous enthusiasm, out of shape is not just a statue, but the ideological emancipation movement in art was a symbol of the expression. Age as a sculpture art works of the highest level, " David " will forever in the history of art and endless light radiation. famous sculpture - " discus "
" Discus " ( author: m )

About 152 centimeters high, National Museums of Rome, the Vatican Museums, Teermei Museum collection has, as a bronze, Mitaka Cho in about the year 450 bc. The original has been lost, now copy. Statue of selecting athlete throwing the discus during the instant action, this is a series of changing former discus hand movement in the temporary state of constant right hand grip, athletes discus swing to the highest point, the body weight on the right foot, left toe back on the ground, the knee is bent into an obtuse angle, the whole body has produced an intense outbreak force and the elastic force feeling. Shape is important, however in the whole structure, and the head of the expression, but gives a calm and steady impression, this is the classical style pursuit.


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