Sunday, August 5, 2012

Three characteristics of city sculpture

City sculpture shows the city 's development and change, is also a history of the age, will see it and feel it, you can feel the city's atmosphere.
1 humanistic
Any one city, has its development laws. Its historical background, economic development, population status, decided a unique cultural atmosphere. City culture atmosphere in certain extent determines the basic situation of city sculpture.
2 historic
City sculpture as our historical illustrations, recorded at different times in history and civilization in history. The different sculpture are recorded in different periods, the living conditions of the people, state and spiritual pursuit, look at different times public sculpture is like reading in different textbooks, every times for different people to think and draw lessons from. A city is the product of history, are different from other city historical tradition. In every city are hidden behind the rich humanistic history and allusions.
3 symbolic
Each city has its own culture and history background, city public sculpture is the sculpture in its content and form, embodies the city and the environmental characteristics. Such as the Triumphal Arch in France, as long as we referred to Triumphal Arch, would immediately think of France is the sculpture of particular cultural and historical background, makes Triumphal Arch the French flag.


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