Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bronze sculpture classification introduced

1.Bronze sculpture is to animal phenomenon as a styling theme of the bronze age, such as the Anyang Fuhao tomb unearthed owl owl statue, standing round head with large eyes, solid and strong, other animal decorative appearance of decorative patterns; moreover Hunan unearthed in Liling as the first, on the basic of realistic basis and exaggerated deformation factor, casting technology of fine.

2.Bronze sculpture is the bronze decorative surface, relief, Yuandiao, common host and other forms, such as the Hunan Ningxiang unearthed four sheep square respect, huge, each of the four corners of a casting roll angle sheepshead, dignified style; such as Hebei mountain Zhongshan China unearthed the site characters seat three lights, with figures for lamp body structure, natural look.

3.Bronze sculpture is relatively independent of the bronze statues unearthed at the Sanxingdui of Guanghan, Sichuan standing figure is the most representative one, 172 cm high, with a base of up to 262 cm, simple facial image, a strong sense of the overall, the appearance is exquisite decoration. According to research, the statue is not necessary, possible the artifacts associated with sacrifice. For instance Henan unearthed in Luoyang Play Bird boy statue, the vivid facial expressions, very realistic. These bronze although in nature is still crafts (practical purpose ), but is preliminary already had a sculpture art properties. Some exaggeration peculiar ornamentation, constitute the majesty of mystery in the period, reflecting the aesthetic point of view and to the natural environment.


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