Thursday, August 16, 2012

City sculpture and crafts copper shine

City sculpture urban culture is an important part of the city, some excellent works are in permanent visual image so that each passing people immersed in a strong cultural atmosphere, feel the city's unique art and city pulse. The modern city of copper crafts sculpture is to put the extraordinary splendor.
With a recent example, London Airport in July 5th to establish the highest British a bronze sculpture " Athena ", when people come to Britain to watch the Olympic Games time, the aircraft can be seen in this sculpture, can foreknow this will become the city of London landmark works of art, and to bring greater London reputation.
From the previous city sculpture, numerous bronze works also become synonymous with some historical cities, such as Copenhagen's " Mermaid ", Brussels's " manneken PIs ", as well as Hongkong HSBC bronze lion sculpture, New York Wall Street bull etc..
If you are lucky enough to go to the city, that you must go and have a look these famous sculpture, and must be willing to take pictures with them . Oh, it will become your most beautiful memories.


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