Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pig stone sculpture controversy

Zhengzhou Zhongyuan futa square on a stone pig fire. The topless Luru, kneel back image has fueled controversy, that its " plays the hoodlum ". Zhengzhou city administration responded, this stone is the content of the pig to dear mother, meaning of filial piety. Tourists are misunderstood, is " in play very funny sight and entertainment thinking ".
Internet users questioned public sculpture.
In August 17th, Zhengzhou netizen " hill cattle. " in an article entitled " to the Central Plains of Forta ar see rogue pig! " Bowen sent a group of pictures, drawing two round face and big ears a fat pig strange stone movement : one of them lie on the pillow, topless Luru face, mouth, and the other one is kneeling behind it, the upper body upright, and put his hand on a front waist. It is reported, this cartoon pig stone is located in Zhengzhou city landmark of the Central Plains of Forta ar before the central square. " Hill cattle. " said in the blog, the stone is often the children ride riding, gray stone has been ground into black.
This sculpture in the net yesterday triggered a discussion, by users as " mating " action, public sculpture aesthetic taste is questioned. Also somebody thinks "think ", " clearly in knock back massage, not think so much. Is it right? You want to give Venus to wear clothes? "
Response: Visitor's entertainment thinking
To this, Zhengzhou City Urban Management Bureau in the local forum response, this pig sculpture is the main " filial piety ". Central Plains futa square Cartoon Stone existing 21, there are some stone is not in place, the content is hard -- the young monk martial arts; the children's reading, hard-working -- child to pull out the radish; Animal Themes of love -- the polar bear with teddy bear; filial piety -- pigs to dear mother. The bureau also said, the purpose and meaning is set stone carving museum experience consistent occupation and children, let the children in the study of hard work, diligence, love and filial piety.
" As for the tourists to pigs to dear mother was a rogue, description of tourists to play very funny sight and entertainment thinking ". Zhengzhou City Urban Management Bureau in the post said. " Hill cattle husband" is a Zhengzhou local forum active netizen, previously the Microsoft Windows on the streets of Zhengzhou municipal sculpture sculpture, questioned for free advertising business. He thinks, the pig stone carving is designed not to play rascal, but " public buildings, facilities, must be the pink of perfection, must not have any slack. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, in culture, security and other aspects of ambiguity is caused by accident ".
The sculpture is called " life and growth in nature "
In December 19, 2010, Taiwan's Nantou meat market entrance of a black boar sows after white sculpture unveiled, also caused a controversy. This was subsequently named " life and growth in nature " cartoon pig sculpture, white sow in the ground eyes slightly open, and black boars lying on the back, spit out the tongue. The meat markets said, " life and growth in nature " is considered to be auspicious, thriving, the domestic animals are all thriving., can also be interpreted as the universe life and growth in nature, world without end. Taiwan news to " pig figurine to" Diediele " controversial " were reported.


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