Thursday, August 16, 2012

The origin of the painting

The painting was formerly in the 15th century European paintings Mona Lisa Smile
Tempera painting by the Netherlandish painter Jan van Ike (Jan Van Eyck), (1385 -1441), painting materials to be improved to flourish. Future generations because of the unique contribution by Jan van Ike in-depth development of the oil painting techniques, the reputation as "the father of painting." Modern painting and more mixing in pigment with linseed oil, treated cloth or wood, paint, oil paints dry, do not change, a variety of colors to reconcile does not become dirty, the artist can draw rich, vivid colors. Oil paint opaque, strong coverage, painting from dark to light, the layer covering the paintings to produce three-dimensional sense. The painting has gradually become the main way of painting in the history of Western painting, and now survive in the world of Western painting oil paintings. With the time the development of painting gradually life, the most famous of which is the performance of an ordinary woman "Mona Lisa" and widely circulated. The late 19th century, due to technological development, many new materials used in the painting field, such as acrylic paint, paint.


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