Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stainless steel sculpture

Stainless steel sculpture material with high air, steam, water and other corrosive medium and weak acid, alkali, salt and other chemical attack by corrosive medium characteristics, because the stainless steel has a lot of advantages, a lot of city sculpture is taking it as material. Stainless steel produced sculpture is concise and easy, the sense of form, and the lighting effect is strong. After the reform and opening up. Stainless steel spray painting is in the stainless steel surface spray paint, color selective large. In order to make sculptures embody more rich, more multi-faceted sculpture creation. For example, red fluorocarbon paint.

Stainless steel sculpture of the production process
1. making clay small draft 2. will enlarge the proportion of small releases 3. mud draft to make hard material mold 4. according to the model into a forging stainless steel sculpture to sculpture 5. many Polish 6. sculpture surface spraying fluorocarbon paint.

Stainless steel sculpture 1 advantages, surface processing: stainless steel sculpture itself color silver white, glossy. Can also be based on demand for the sculptures on the different color, generally for automotive paint. 2, use: This product is suitable for parks, botanical gardens, gardens, residential areas, shopping malls, hotels, guesthouses, square, hall and other places, in the outdoor. 3, stainless steel material advantages: easy to rust, easy to clean, and strong wind resistance, durable, become the mainstream of modern city sculpture


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