Friday, August 17, 2012

Beckham sculpture in street fans in site show photo touch

Recently, David Beckham endorsement of the clothing brand in order to match the underwear campaign advertising, specially designed launched his naked series of statues. It is to the fans sent huge welfare.

                                                                          Beckham sculpture

Local time on August 17th, a statue of Beckham officially unveiled at the New York street, the color is silver statue, he presents the advertisement in the classic stance, very attract sb.'s attention. In addition to New York, the sculpture was in San Francisco, Losangeles and its surrounding areas in. The brand launched the Beckham statue of a total of 9 sections, each section height of about 10 feet ( 3.48 meters). The magnificent building natural attracted many pedestrians stop, many female fans are not scruple to "little baby " act in collusion with, various modeling photo also emerge in an endless stream, is a street scene.
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