Monday, August 6, 2012

London City Sculpture

Transit of London, the city 's heroic sculptures and London historical complex impressed me deeply.
We visit delegation stayed in the river Thames in the Royal Horse guards hotel. Near the hotel, there is a Royal Tank Regiment Memorial sculptures. City Sculpture masters in 1945 to participate in World War II Royal Tank Regiment 5 comet tank warrior, respectively is the commander, gunner, loader, gunner and driver. The group sculpture shows the battle tank warrior unique among gay spirit. In June 13, 2000, the Royal Tank Regiment colonel-in-chief, Queen Elizabeth S had personally for the sculpture unveiled. The very next day came to London in the morning, I from the riverside park morning back to the hotel on the way, after the Royal Tank Regiment memorial City Sculpture, suddenly found in front of the sculpture was placed on two new flowers. The hotel doorman told me, here almost every day people spontaneously to the sculpture to send flowers. Suddenly, the military 's pride in my heart arise spontaneously. Thus, closer to me with this strange city emotional distance.

London is a world famous tourist city, famous for having many cultural relics and historic sites. But the heroic City Sculptures and monuments are the city's unique landscape. General Nelson and the Duke of Wellington was defeated Napoleon's famous British military family, is also the British people most advocates of the hero. Located in the centre of London 's Trafalgar Square to commemorate the famous battle of Trafalgar and the construction of the port. In October 21, 1805, British admiral Nelson commanded the British fleet of France and Spain combined fleet at Trafalgar, Hong Kong Sea encounter, the British fleet outnumbered, make law, West fleet in the battle of waterloo. But unfortunately, when the battle ended in victory, general Nelson because the bullet. 5.3 meters tall statue of general Nelson was the sculptor Bailey works, in up to 56 meters of the giant pillars. Stone walls with the life of Nelson the command of the four famous battle of bronze, bronze with naval battle captured bronze cannons cast. Wellington square is located in the Hyde Park, the Buckingham Palace and Green Park junction. In the famous battle of Waterloo, Wellington, commanding the British made Napoleon failed completely. Square as a memorial to the Duke of Wellington in the battle of Waterloo in the defeat of Napoleon built. The square of the Triumphal Arch in Wellington is one of the landmarks of London, Triumphal Arch on the sculpture of up to 40 feet, is the UK's largest copper sculpture.
London is a bustling, London is a solemn. In the famous Whitehall street, a war memorial and World War II women's monument, a British Field Marshal Montgomerie, Prince George, Duke of Cambridge statue. World War II women's monument by sculptor Mills creation, the relief is a 17 set of different women dress, they represent in second during World War II women's roles and their in these positions made outstanding contribution. In St Jam es's Park, there is a memorial to a World War II war, died in the royal soldiers memorial. In Tower of London to Fort side, to commemorate the dead militia monument in World War ii. In Westminster Abbey, specifically with the RAF chapel. Church stained glass painted to participate in World War II 68 RAF squadron badge. These different style, different types of City Sculptures and monuments, make and luxurious London City played a vigorous stirring gas.
London citizens advocating history and heroes. According to the embassy attache office comrade who, on October 21st general Nelson sacrifice memorial day, there are many citizens to Trafalgar Square, mourning for the British Empire immortal feats of the hero. A year in London 's biggest New Year celebrations are also held in Trafalgar square. On remembrance Sunday, a citizen of London will spontaneously to Whitehall Street Memorial, held a solemn Memorial ceremony. Buckingham Palace is the palace, guards the ceremony is open to the outside world. Royal Guard takes place daily ritual, in the military and password sound for various queue show, for the visitors. During the war, WWII Memorial Day, the queen of England, from the prime minister to the ordinary citizen, will invariably wear a red flower, in memory of those for the national honor and dedication spirit and lost their lives in the war 's fellow.
City sculpture is the symbol of the spirit of the city. London is a very diverse city, brought together from around the world to residents as well as multiple ethnic, religious and cultural, the language used in the city more than 300. I think, London cohesion, although due to its prosperous economy, flourishing commercial and loose of the household registration system, and the spirit of education should also be an important reason.


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