Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Statue of Liberty -- New York landmark sculpture

Landmark sculpture, as the name implies, is a place or a national landmark sculpture, speak of this sculpture people will naturally think of the corresponding region. The emblem of New York sculpture, I believe we all know, it is the Statue of Liberty. Shape originality is a professional landscape sculpture company, we can introduce the statue of liberty.

The United States Statue of Liberty sculpture in France in 1886, was presented to the United States 100 years of independence. The United States Statue of Liberty is located in the United States New York near Liberty Island in New York City, is a major tourist attractions and landmarks in the United States of america. The statue was designed by an American, from the lower part of the high 46.9 meters into the grand base. The middle is a high 12.3 meters high above the platform, the placement of 33.8 meter statue, platform and statues were 46.1 meters high, is manufactured by the french. On 1984, the Statue of Liberty was listed as world cultural heritage. As a result of the United States 911 event, the top of the Statue of Liberty has been closed to the public. July 4, 2009 is independence day in the United States, the United States government will open again.
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