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What Is The Fat Loss Factor Program?

The Fat Loss Factor is a weight loss program created by Dr. Charles M. Allen that comprises a comprehensive diet and workout regime along with stress management, goal-setting and other supportive activities. In this 12-week fat loss program, dieters can choose one of the levels of difficult (beginner, intermediate, advanced weight loss) depending upon how much weight they want to lose.

Phase 1

This two week phase basically involves consumption of natural foods for the purpose of detox. You will eat raw seeds, raw nuts, legumes, olive oils and organic fruits and vegetables and avoid meat, eggs, dairy products, sugar bread, grains and artificial sweeteners. You should only drink reverse or spring osmosis water over the period.

During these 2 weeks, it's recommended to avoid doing any strenuous exercise but instead take light exercises like walking for 30-60 minutes a day outdoors.

Phase 1 of the Fat Loss factor is aimed at helping you to;

Flush toxins, Lose extra weight, Boost your immune system,Increase your energy, Improve your sleeping patterns.

Phase 2

Once you've completed the 2-weeks detox, you will go on to the 12 week phase 2 which comprises of Lifestyle Un-Diet.This diet is usually based on healthy fats, lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables and low glycemic carbohydrates.

There are several rules you should follow during phase 2;

1.Consume several small meals in day.

2.Eat a raw food during every meal.

3.Drink plenty of water.

4.Eat most of the calories in the morning.

5.Select a cheat day every week.

If you've not achieved your goals of weight loss after twelve weeks on the Fat Loss Factor program, you're advised to evaluate yourself, learn from experiences and, if possible, start the program from the beginning.


One of the important elements highlighted in the Fat Loss Factor Plan is exercise as it builds muscles, boosts metabolism and reduces stress.This weight loss program includes 3 distinct strength-training regimes( lasting 12 weeks) for each level of difficulty; beginners, intermediate and the advanced dieters. Each workout takes 35 to 60 minutes and you'll initially start exercising three times each week and gradually increase the frequency of exercise. Exercises are usually performed on machines.

The Fat Loss Factor plan also includes several examples of short workouts (usually 15-minute long) that dieters can do when they're short on time.

Pros of this program

1. You have a choice of 4 diet options depending upon your goals.

2. The program encourages consumption of fruit and vegetables and organic foods.

3. Offers advice about developing a new weight-management lifestyle.

4. Encourages dieters to set goals and keep a journal, which have been shown to bring about greater fat loss success.

5. The diet comprises grocery list and several recipes.

6. Highlights importance of adopting stress management strategies.

Cons of this program

1. It could be a little expensive to consume organic foods.

2. The advanced options in the plan require that dieters fast for at least 3 days.

3. Does not have a meal plan.

4. Requires home gym equipment or gym membership to perform the exercise regime recommended while on the program.

5. Planning and preparation of meals may require much time.

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