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Planetary Factors In The Horoscope

The planets in our solar system are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. For the purpose of our study of influences, both the Sun and the Moon are included and are referred to as planets or heavenly bodies that take their place in the chart.

Our Earth is placed between Venus and Mars regarding the distance from the Sun. In Astrology it is not classed as a defined planet as it is our home planet and the focus of our studies. It could be said that the dot in the centre of the chart represents our little earth and further, our little self!

From the point of view of astrology, each planet represents certain powerful energies that beam out into the solar system and to which we humans on earth respond. These responses alter according to the ever changing movements of the planets, including those of our earth, and in accordance with the altering relationships between them. The astronomically determined positions of the planets at the time of our birth are duly recorded and given their placement in our astrological chart. Planets placed above the horizon tend to indicate positive worldly interests and power. Planets beneath indicate the quiet achievers - those who choose to, or those destined to pass through life without worldly acknowledgment.

The different angles and relationships between the energies affecting earth however, are complex and include trines, oppositions and conjunctions. These have been studied and recorded over thousands of years and although basic factors are well known regarding the likely affect upon us we need skilled interpretation by an experienced astrologer.

The following is a simple insight into the symbolism of each of the planets.

The Sun - represents our spiritual being and defines the special inner talents and inclinations that we have uppermost in our nature. This is why our Sun Sign is so powerful an influence in our lives and reflects qualities that are likely to be constant. It represents the masculine principle and is a factor used in interpreting relationships. It is a symbol of status, power, good fortune, generosity, happiness and well being.

The Moon - is symbolic of our ever growing pathway to maturity. Because the moon itself fluctuates in its cyclic journey that we perceive from new moon to full and appears in changing form it represents the feminine principle. It rules our emotions and with women is additionally apparent in their physiological menstrual. The Moon is a symbol of creativity, gestation, and the caring, nurturing and emotional factor in life.

Mercury - is symbolic of the mind and intellect. The subconscious functions of the mind are associated with the Moon and the entirely conscious thoughts are linked to the Sun. Thought can be depressed or can fly free and it is the Greek god Mercury, the messenger depicted as communicating between heaven and earth that represents our choices in utilizing both concentration and imagination. Where Mercury appears in our chart gives indication of our particular uses and talents of our mind.

Venus - is symbolic of love. We are aware of this even in everyday life when it is used to refer to human love and romantic relationships. It represents both our inner harmony and love capacity of our nature, and the circumstances in which we experience pleasant beautiful life lessons and good luck.

Mars - is the heroic symbol of war and the protector of Venus and all positive aspects of culture and value. It is associated with all outgoing energy and obviously with the masculine principle and action part of human nature. It indicates courage, enthusiasm and will and our degree of intensity of feeling and passion.

Jupiter - is symbolic of beneficence, generosity and wealth on a grand scale. It shows when our life seems 'easy' without struggle, poverty, or lack of confidence. Its positive effect help us to expand and to hold all-inclusive attitudes. It indicates our powers of leadership and inner achievements.

Saturn - is symbolic of restriction and contraction. It helps us consolidate to find our inner intuition and wisdom before wasting energy. It reaches us caution and reminds us of the law of Karma and the need to obey natural laws. In our chart often is an indication of our power to overcome what may seem difficulties but that are lessons, once learned, give us passport to greater understanding of life.

Uranus - is venturing further from the other planets and its influence is such that tends to arouse new awareness of the need for progress both in our own nature and externally by stimulating new thought and adventure into space. It certainly makes its presence felt by our human adventures into the Space Age. However, in our personal lives it can be interpreted as unconventionality - our exploration into the unknown and our inner conviction 'to do it my way' in asserting our individuality.

Neptune - is symbolic of vast, and more nebulous spheres of consciousness, as it is
known to us as a remote, impersonal planet. It affects human emotions by encouraging the vague part of our mystical nature, beyond the rational. It is difficult to define, but in our charts cautions us against extremes and promises of rosier futures. It inclines one to take stimulants, to daydream, to suffer exploitation or deception and to suffer from uncoordinated aspects of our emotions.

Pluto - is way out there in the solar system and almost seems beyond the influence of the parent Sun. Little is known about its influence on our lives as its discovery has been so recent. However, although thought to be rather negative in our lives, it has been determined as a factor in great amalgamations and powerful unions of interests. Bearing in mind that it is often seen to be similar to the Greek god Pluto, governor of the underworld, involved in death and destruction, we know that we have yet to discover its other qualities.

Astrology and Astronomy are closely related in that the latter observes the heavenly bodies and the first interprets their influences upon the human nature and life on our planet. The third science that so well should be part of the trio is that of Psychology. The three in concert provide a solid basis for strengthening the link between the material and heavenly worlds with the third detailing the causes of the behavioural nature of the human psyche and its responses to the invisible weather of forces we cannot choose to ignore. Invisible energies are as real as other energies we have explored and utilize.

Astrological knowledge if added to present day psychology would make self understanding easier, and encourage us to have greater tolerance and understanding of others. We need to look beyond the body and personality, to the unique characteristics and qualities of the individual soul.

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