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Driver Robot Review
As a technology specialist for a large school district I can say that one of the biggest issues we encounter is finding the right drivers for a specific model of computer.  We have many different models of computers and since each variation has a slightly different motherboard, video card, etc. it can take a while to fix each one.  The Driver Robot is a piece of software that aims to eliminate this issue by automatically scanning your computer and installing the proper updated drivers for your specific hardware configuration.
Driver Robot License Keys
The pricing for Driver Robot is rather straight forward, with a tiered pricing system for the license keys.  The more licenses you need, the cheaper it is per license.  If you are a personal user than this doesn't apply to you anyway as you will only need one license.  This is great for school districts, governmental agencies, small businesses, etc. because it will fit the needs of the user.  I have seen software packages that do a similar task cost over $60,000 a year due to non-flexible pricing on licenses, thankfully it also has a site license option.
People have asked whether or not Driver Robot is a scam, and while I am all for precautions online this product is sold through ClickBank which has very stringent customer support standards.  There are absolutely no spyware programs or viruses in the, this can be confirmed from many different sites.  This program works, and it is completely safe for your computer.  It won't play with any registry entries, all it does is find the proper drivers to match your hardware specifications and then installs them.

Driver Robot Features
  • Constantly updated database of drivers for all sorts of devices (Over 100,000 so far)
  • Guaranteed to detect 100% of hardware attached to a computer
  • Works regardless of computer age (new or old it makes no difference)
  • Exporter Feature allows you to find drivers for computers not attached to the internet
  • The "Driver Spider" is constantly scouring the internet to find new device drivers
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