Friday, September 20, 2013

The Truth About Cellulite and Anti Cellulite Treatment

Let's give you some genuine information that will help in your anti cellulite treatment...

It's widely believed that if most members of your family has a cellulite problem then you'll have it as well... Okay family history can play a part in whether you'll have a tendency towards cellulite forming but it isn't a definite. There are some factors that you can control to prevent cellulite from becoming an extreme problem...

It's been shown that your life style, your exercise levels and the choices you make in your diet have a vital part to play in the development of cellulite in your body. It may be that some members of your family suffer with cellulite but you don't have to follow the same route. Choices can be made about how your look after yourself...

Skin problems can appear far worse if you have subjected your body to yo-yo dieting. If you've had fluctuating weight your skin can have over stretched and become less elastic. This can make any cellulite seem more unsightly. If you are a thin person who suffers with cellulite, the situation won't be made any better by losing any more weight.

Have you read that cellulite problems worsen as you age? This is true. At puberty the hormone oestrogen can start the development of cellulite and if you don't take care yourself it can become degenerative. As we age exercise levels tend to decrease, weight can too easily increase and ageing, thinning skin makes cellulite more predominant.

Fat cells increase in size and their supporting fibres become stretchy. Cellulite becomes even more obvious when your circulation worsens and toxins become trapped in the fluids that accumulate. Things then get even worse as then the skin becomes puckered and cellulite starts to become unsightly. You can prevent these toxins accumulating in your body be cutting right down on the worst offenders in your diet - alcohol, nicotine and caffeine...

One definite truth is that increasing exercise as an anti cellulite treatment will help. Okay, exercise isn't the whole answer but the improved circulation and blood flow will be a great help. Excess fluids will be able to drain from your body as your lymphatic system gets a welcome boost... A bonus is that you'll build muscle and improve your skin texture and tone making you feel more positive. You'll look and feel fitter.

For the best impact you need to exercise aerobically for half an hour up to five times a week. Do a variety of exercises to work different muscle groups, including core muscles. Your health as well as your cellulite will benefit.

You can control your lifestyle, diet and exercise to prevent cellulite problems and these controls can be an effective anti cellulite treatment if you already suffer with cellulite.Click Here!


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