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Fitness & Fat Loss
Prevention of obesity is the responsibility of every individual. Parents are especially responsible for educating themselves on ways to prevent obesity in their children.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 1991 conducted a survey on fat facts. The survey was focused on which states were the most obese (obesity is defined as being 30 pounds overweight).

Six Out of Ten Americans Are Overweight and Three Are Obese...

In 1991, there were only four states that fell into the "Fat Zone". To be considered for this honor, the states needed to have "more than 15% who are obese." In 1993, just three years later, the number increased to 12 states. In 1995, the number increased again to a total of 27 states. In 2000, the number had increased again to 44 states.

Now here are some very interesting facts about the six states that are not in the fat zone. The following states, listed by the CDC 2000 survey are as follows: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Montana, and New Hampshire.

What do they all have in common? The answer is a lack of fast food restaurants, and a real focus on exercise and fitness.

By 2007, we had all 50 states included in the picture. It stands to reason, that if out of every 10 Americans, 6 are overweight and 3 of these 6 are obese, then again the question comes up, "who or what is to blame for our fat nation?" We can fix the blame on many different causes, but the real problem comes back to nest in the lack of knowledge related to what causes obesity.

Fast Food Restaurants & The Fat Zone

I thought this statement was most interesting. The U.S. Census Bureau shared, "In slim Montana, you'll find one fast-food joint every 170 square miles; in heavy Kentucky, you can stop for fries every 13 square miles."

The above facts seem to have been very obvious to most people who live within the 44 fat zone states. But after over 13 years of research in the area of weight-Loss, there is more to our fat nation challenge than just fast foods and exercise and fitness.

Weight Loss Product Sales Are Soaring

As a result, "Fat Loss Product Sales Are Soaring" Research Alert, May 17, 2002, states, "People are fat and getting fatter, yet everyone wants to be thin. Sales of diet products jump 6.6 percent in the year (2002), with no end to the increase in sight." This means no matter where you live, you will see an increase in weight loss product sales for sure!

Most Americans Have No Clue About The Causes of Obesity

The challenge we face in America in preventing obesity is that many Americans have no clue about what really causes weight challenges or obesity, many still consider it to be a moral and personal problem. Is it just fast foods and lack of exercise, or is there a larger picture with the toxic environment and health challenges that are converging on our nation?

Here is another interesting fact, we eat far less fat than we did 10 years ago. Unexpectedly, obesity rates have skyrocketed. However, in 2009, the obesity trend is still climbing.

People are trying ways to prevent obesity and to do the right thing, but many and I mean you, are just not aware of all the preexisting health challenges that not only hinder weight reduction; also, to a great degree, cause weight gain.


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