Friday, July 27, 2012

The sculptor a knife into the world

A firewood in rural dry pine stump, after some careful cutting, stone carving, after burnish, become a baby in its mother's arms sweet. Art, price 1000 yuan; a litter of camphor tree branches, is the embodiment of compassion for a seat as a Buddism godness guanyin. In 32 years, using tree root, root, branch or scrap wood, Xinyu City District farmers in southern Anxiang sculptor Hu Dongsheng created tens of thousands of pieces of works, including works of the highest 170000 yuan price of single. Today, he is one of the Provincial Artists Association, his works have been included in China Arts and Crafts Association " Chinese artists collection ". In the highly popular province inside and outside collectors at the same time, the works of Hu Dongsheng still gone Australia, France, Singapore and other countries, to become the local Chinese classical folk culture lovers to share.

54 year old Hu Dongsheng is a carpenter, when osmosis, causing him to wood processing only interested, but he did not want to become a father. In 1976, 20 years old Hu Dongsheng carved out the first piece " Tiananmen ", but with the price of 10 yuan by the village people bought. Hu Dongsheng carved enthusiasm has exploded not received, the creation of four or five pieces per month, sold to the surrounding neighbors. 7 years later, a large number of flowers and birds and figures for the content of wood carving works quickly spread to hundreds of miles, Hu Dongsheng became famous in the local peasant sculptor.
Hu Dongsheng is not content with his work in the village before the bed, hall appeared. He spent 6000 yuan to buy, self-study, " Human Anatomy ", " relief ", " sculpture garden " and other large public university teaching materials, and to Nanchang eight one square to watch a relief works, back attentive fathom. Gradually, art knowledge accumulates makes Hu Dongsheng customers began to turn to the government and the enterprises, foreign. More convenient for dealing with foreign friends, timely understanding of customer needs, in the early 90 century, Hu Dongsheng frequently traveled to Guangzhou, and enrolled in Dalian University of Foreign Languages to teach by correspondence class, with 4 years of time card. Years of experience, the work of Hu Dongsheng gradually to the outside, on 1994, a piece of his works were first foreign collectors buy; in 1998, he took more than 1 years to complete the " riverside " to 170000 yuan sold; 2005, works " sweet in the heart " by the China Arts and crafts exhibition prize two, specialist this evaluation: engraving is extremely difficult, so the authors foundation deep, vivid girls pick litchi harvest joy when.
In recent years, in addition to the traditional wood carving process in one go, Hu Dongsheng was active in the Confucian Temple in Xinyu City, repair, bouldering Park reformation carvings and other public projects, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and other large city sculpture ( carved) projects have invited him to participate in.
With a carving knife, Hu Dongsheng from the countryside into the city, will be carved this ancient folk art deco carry forward.
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