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The development history of statue

In today's era of rapid development, statue has become people committed to express ideas and environment transformationimportant art style. When people walk in the city and rural, either blocks, or garden green space, different content, form of statue works have appeared. Inside, whether public or private, family room, also has a large number of works of statue by.

statue in the environment, atmosphere, expressing feelings, enhance exchanges, expand the

influence that waits for a lot of service to the people of this area, to other irreplaceable

positive role. Its artistic appeal and impact are the other arts are not a substitute for, it is

with people contact more direct, more widespread artistic form. A statue or even a country, a

city, a regional cultural standards mark.

Statue classification because of the angle is different from the subject, view, with figure

statue, animal statues. From the way of expression, can be divided into Yuandiao, relief.

From the artistic method of view, can be divided into figurative statue, abstract statue.

Constructed from a material point of view, can be divided into stone carving, wood carving, clay

statue, metal statue, cement statue. From the regional perspective, there are indoor

statue, outdoor statue, statue, statue and other desk rack. From the function, and a

commemorative statue, decorative statue, statue and so on. The classification of

materials, extensive, determines the statue a kind of art broad applicability.

The statue is constantly, constantly improve the process, the revisionist comparison process

must always remain fresh first impression. Only by keeping the fresh state, shaping the works will

be vivid and full of vitality.

The statue creation process is a long and arduous process, it undergoes a conception model,

shape, material conversion process. As a statue of the production process, from the familiar,

master, use of tools and equipment, processing of material process. statue of the production is

the means to count. But shaping means mainly " carving " and " plastic " in two ways, " vulture "

is carved, is the use of knives, chisels and other apparatus, by external forces such as the

hammer, stone, wood, bamboo, brick, metal, paint dry bones, all can be carved material cutting,

using recursive subtraction method to produce author 's image. " Plastic " can be called the

"shape" of the use of most of the material is mud, namely " clay", is based on the addition and

subtraction and by the way, conscious form attached, ultimately achieve the desired morphology.

Shaping statue often through material conversion processes, such as making gypsum, glass steel.

Also visible are hard copy materials. After firing, casting and other means, will it become hard

permanent materials, such as iron, copper, aluminum and other metal materials. In addition to "

carve" " plastic " means, and forging, synthesis, nail screw, bonding, welding, binding, such as

weaving a variety of means of production.With the development of the times will also have more form.

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