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How to identify the bronze sculpture?

The bronze sculpture is an alloy of copper and tin, strong hardness, unlike the eaves tile, ceramics and painting such as Oracle inscription is easy to be broken, but for a long period. Furthermore the bronze sculpture dish shape is simple and elegant, smooth lines, which is beyond the reach of other antiques. How to identify the Bronze? The following network to identify sculpture bronze sculpture method.

First, Chinese bronze sculpture in large quantities, variety. After China has many pieces of bronze sculpture, this is no statistics. Some statistics, only with inscriptions on bronze sculpture is concerned, from the Han Dynasty to today, excavated amounts to ten thousand above. With no inscriptions of bronze, its number is one can imagine. Because of the large number of Chinese bronze sculpture, the breed is also extremely rich, not only wine, water, food, weapons, chariots and horses, and implements, tools, tools and various kinds of living appliances such as a utensil. Numerous bronze sculpture dish, modelling is vivid, colorful, dazzling. The large number of varieties of Chinese bronze sculpture, and increases the identification of difficulty, it is one of the characteristics of Chinese bronze sculpture.
Second, Chinese bronze sculpture distributinging area is vast, and quality. Chinese bronze sculpture unearthed more concentrated in the Central Plains, but its distribution range far beyond the Central Plains region, northeast, northwest, south of the Five Ridges and even Tibet and the East China Sea, the island and fisheries have been discovered on the bronze sculpture. The bronze sculpture modelling is vivid, exquisite, style each different, showing different art style. Chinese Zhou Dynasty bronze sculpture, produced exquisite, shape, pattern, was at the splendid and elegant, the fine be too numerous to enumerate, such as Si Muwu Ding Fang, killer earthquake, Shuangyang respect, Klitschko Ding, hair Gongding, Lin Hok side pot, hutch sword, Gou Jian, long letter palace lantern, inlaid Turquoise deer, lying the bronze chariots and horses of first-class, casting fine, with shocking artistic appeal, of course, by domestic and foreign collectors favorite. Other types of bronze sculpture, casting hardness according to the different requirements, accurate to copper tin proportion, make the instrument of good quality, which is foreign bronze sculpture cast products unmatched.
Thirdly, artifacts can be said to be China's bronze sculpture - the biggest characteristic. The world of ancient bronze sculpture the vast majority have no inscriptions unearthed in India, only small bronze sculpture or cast have very short inscriptions. Chinese antique bronzes with inscriptions unearthed only reached more than ten thousand pieces, and the text of a long piece of many, such as the inscription of up to 497 characters. These inscriptions, or rough to, or vigorous, with very high very high appreciation of the value of calligraphy. The glyph is identification of the most difficult to grasp a ring.
Fourthly, to container consisting mainly of Chinese bronze sculpture in the world bronze culture become an independent school. The world, from the India River to the Balkans, from the Minoan civilization to the Mycenaean civilization, the bronze sculpture is represented mostly weapons, such as GE, spears, knives, arrows, sword, halberd, arrowhead, while China is difficult to cast, ornamentation of complex container. These vessels, especially the Ding, for the country is jack. Its profound, rich connotation, entangled with politics together the mystery is always connoisseurs and collectors interested in the issue of. In addition, the European bronze culture to the weapon as the representative, Chinese bronze culture in container as the representative, this is it right? The former and the latter to be aggressive, conservative you can make nothing of it, if interested, can study identification.
Chinese bronze sculpture of the four big characteristics, is the identification of should know the basic common sense.

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