Thursday, July 26, 2012

The beautiful garden sculpture

Garden sculpture content can be divided into:①commemorative sculpture. To commemorate the
historical figures or events, such as the Nanjing Yuhuatai group, Shanghai Hongkou Martyrs Park Lu
Xun like. The theme of the sculpture. The performance of a certain subject content, such as the
city of Guangzhou, the emblem of "Wu ", Nanjing Mochou Lake Mochou female etc.. ③decorative
sculpture. A wide range of topics, character, animal, plant, artifacts can be as the theme, such
as the Beijing park on the altar of Machi Katsuharu scenic spot wings swans and around the garden
in athletes, child and animal images.

According to the form of a Yuandiao, relief, Toudiao, undercut, the use of materials are permanent
material ( metal, stone, cement, glass, steel and so on ) and non permanent materials ( plaster,
clay, wood etc.). Garden sculpture used permanent materials Yuandiao, relief, Toudiao the
undercut, often in combination with buildings. Ice, snow and plastic is northeast of gardens in
winter a unique sculpture art. The sculpture can be configured in the regular garden square,
flower beds, Boulevard, also can be decorated in the natural garden slopes, grassland, pool or
water. In the garden of set sculpture, its themes and images should be in harmony with the
environment, sculpture and space size, scale to have appropriate proportion, and the need to
consider the sculpture itself towards, color and background, so that the sculpture and landscape
environment mutually foil, benefit chang. Sculpture garden with landscape composition, most
located outdoors, a wide range of topics. Garden sculpture through the artistic image can reflect
the certain social spirit of the times, the performance of a certain ideological content, can
adorn the landscape, but also can become a local and even the whole garden landscape design
center. Garden sculpture has a long history. During the Renaissance, sculpture has become an
important part of the landscape of Italy. Garden sculpture or a combination of water garden, or
decoration layer, even built to exhibit sculpture garden of " Museum ", " sculpture park ".
Sculpture garden in Europe, the United States and countries in the garden still occupy an
important position.
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