Thursday, November 8, 2012

Famous Artwork About Love

Jan van Eyck Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride, one of the famous artwork about love is filled to the brim with symbolism for preparing the perfect life together. This one of a meaningful painting loyalty, longevity, passion, fertility. all this of painting full-dress, pair almost touching with no expression on their faces. But not all of the art of love.

Through art we are able to feel beautiful emotions that can not be expressed in words. We look into the soul of the artist and to get in touch, because love is a universal human emotion. recount experiences or relationships that are important to each individual. art of love always convenient presented that describes the closeness and warmth. It is full of sweet among the people. and passionate with art for more than a decade and I'm pretty sure it will last. Love is also the subject of great art for thousands of years.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chinese stone carving sculpture


On the potential of Chinese stone carving sculpture that? Say that we Chinese sculpture has China's own unique charm, has the pride of China, today Xiaobian for everyone to explain the unique charm of Chinese sculpture and potential lie? The garden stone - along with the social growth of today's buildings are inseparable from sculpture and stone carving, is inseparable from the garden stone, which also closely related to the history of human development, human ancient Stone Age to the era of modern civilization, stone carving is still part of the people's lives.

Ornamental stone carving horse sculpture has a kind of spiritual significance. Say, a garden stone. Garden stone in our life can be said is a very common form of horse sculptures. He lives in every corner of our city, no matter where we will see the presence of garden stone horse sculpture. Garden stone sculpture is a symbol of people's ideas and spiritual vitality of mysticism is - given the stone life, to become the jewel of the cities.

Stone carving has been integrated in construction. The stone carving the word to the people is very common, say garden stone, garden stone is like a kind of landscape stone carving granite sculpture garden stone sculpture for watching, he is not only used for ornamental and decorative landscaping. Today the carving granite sculpture has been in the building, into people's lives together. Has become the essential goods in people's lives.

16th Shanghai Art Fair

16th Shanghai Art Fair, the theme sculpture stands at the entrance of the exhibition hall, the naive American sculptor Wo Deke two giant Kiwi, by the American artist Peter? Wo Deke creation of large-scale sculpture, more than 4 meters relatively high one blue and one red and two kiwi sit round and full shape, beautiful soft curves, Wo Deke animal sculpture known for skill and charm to attract all visitors gathered to watch.
Also called the current Art Fair "the town exhibition treasure", the famous 18th century Italian sculptor Antonio?

Canova's Three Graces ", this statue stunning exquisite, dazzling sculptures come to China for the first time, 3 a beautiful goddess like spring Bathing mutual bow hug, showing the beauty of an interwoven style, they are youthful, healthy, toned body curve, reflecting the the sculptor Canova impeccable exquisite sculpture skills also the sculptor Canova's masterpiece, is the only World three sets of people visit the Art Fair, ornamental sculpture treasures of the world's top event on this year's sculptures occupy almost half of the Art Fair, can be described as a full own failed to match.

Last year, the theme of the Shanghai Art Fair sculpture, works of foreign female artists in Singapore Kumari, she created the "Happy Tango" sculpture by two pepper-like humanoid constitute, in the lead dancer of all kinds of sculptures to participate in Art Fair , leading the trend of the Art Fair sculpture, art is the theme of the Fortune deduced. Why the two-time Art Fair When selected foreign sculpture art fair's theme sculpture, only compare the entries of the local sculptor, will be able to conclude that domestic and foreign artists, participate in art fairs sculptures, sculpture works vary greatly, the excellent sculpture creation by national and local artists are rare, or it can be said is rare, this is the need to catch up in the field of the Shanghai culture or the creation of sculpture.
The bronze frog sculpture is a sign of urban culture, the moment to stroll the streets of Shanghai, to iconic area from the city's attractions, from community-based enterprises to the Business Park, you can see all kinds of outdoor sculpture. Urban bronze frog sculpture in shaping the image of the city, rich social life, and to enhance the quality of urban connotation, also receive attention more and more. With the economic development and social progress of Shanghai, the Shanghai World Expo, beautify the remediation enhance the environment, urban bronze frog sculpture in Shanghai, more and more, has become the city's indispensable cultural markers, the urban environment richer human color dress and cultural characteristics, more prominent, adding to the flavor and color of the culture of the modern international metropolis.
But carefully to taste, whether domestic artists to create a sculpture on display in various exhibitions, or Shanghai or across the country have been built up sculpture, especially representative urban sculpture can really get wide public recognition and love, stand the time and art inspection, the representative of the spirit of the city features works or as little, fine sculpture can be said is rare, and even can be said almost nothing, this issue deserves careful to thinking and questioning, it is no wonder that call Shanghai Art Expo has always been to play a leading role by the foreign sculptures, of exotic sculpture to lead the trend of the sculpture artistic creation and direction.
Cultural development and prosperity, including the proliferation of various art and art creation, development and prosperity, the sculpture should catch up with the world-class, and tends to be a world-class huge sculpture synchronization can be called, and the economic and social culture as match. Sculpture as a popular public artwork must reflect the cultural development and achievements of the entire era, the area, the overall atmosphere of the environment in which compatible only suitable for the Chinese characteristics, the local environment, the performance of the profound cultural connotation and rich living heritage connotation works to stand the test of public works. Lit Mind theme of the current Art Fair from investment collection to create a better art show and enjoy the space, should also be more trigger sculpture creative passion and creative level, Now is the time of China's culture and arts the best time of development, our artists and creators of sculpture, inspired Art Fair, and strive to learn from foreign outstanding huge sculpture of his Stone Mountain, the creation of more and better reflects the characteristics of the contemporary art and the pursuit of the huge sculpture reflects this era of spiritual and humanistic outlook, reflecting the city-moment spiritual connotation, and Shanghai building "four centers" spiritual civilization development requirements, the artistic temperament of the urban population and build the perfect artistic taste of the international city, it is generally the expectations and aspirations.

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