Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chinese stone carving sculpture

On the potential of Chinese stone carving sculpture that? Say that we Chinese sculpture has China's own unique charm, has the pride of China, today Xiaobian for everyone to explain the unique charm of Chinese sculpture and potential lie? The garden stone - along with the social growth of today's buildings are inseparable from sculpture and stone carving, is inseparable from the garden stone, which also closely related to the history of human development, human ancient Stone Age to the era of modern civilization, stone carving is still part of the people's lives.

Ornamental stone carving horse sculpture has a kind of spiritual significance. Say, a garden stone. Garden stone in our life can be said is a very common form of horse sculptures. He lives in every corner of our city, no matter where we will see the presence of garden stone horse sculpture. Garden stone sculpture is a symbol of people's ideas and spiritual vitality of mysticism is - given the stone life, to become the jewel of the cities.

Stone carving has been integrated in construction. The stone carving the word to the people is very common, say garden stone, garden stone is like a kind of landscape stone carving granite sculpture garden stone sculpture for watching, he is not only used for ornamental and decorative landscaping. Today the carving granite sculpture has been in the building, into people's lives together. Has become the essential goods in people's lives.


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