Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This suggestion with correct lighting artwork, including outlining the style and type of light is best for different kinds famous artwork. Light affects different types of art in different ways, and each one must be up right. 

Oil painting can be difficult to light because the spectral highlights that are created when a strong light is directed at the painting. A broad-based light source for the best oil painting lighting. 

Acrylic paintings are not shiny and consequently does not have glare problems associated with oil or artwork framed under glass. Each type of light source can be used.

Reflections and glare are problems with artwork that has been placed behind glass. Reflective glass and proper placement of lighting can help solve this problem.

To highlight all dimensions, ideally sculpture lit from three different angles. Most of the statues, however, illuminated by a light right above the (usually hidden light).

Importance Frame

Option to turn on a work of art depends on how the framed piece.

famous artwork or sculpture that does not have a frame wall can be illuminated with lighting not attached to the artwork, such as a fireplace light, spotlight, track light or recessed.

Small frame can not support the lights attached picture. Their light as described above, with equipment that is not attached to the artwork.

A substantial frame to support the weight of light accompanying drawings. When choosing an image light, consider the frame width and depth.


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